Baptisms, Road Trips & Stockings

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This weekend J, D and I are driving down to NJ for our friend’s baby’s baptism (christening? not sure what the difference is but I say baptism). J and I love ourselves a road trip. Though one might argue if we make this trip on the regular, about once a month, it’s not really a road trip. I get so amped to go home (yes, even though I’m in RI now and have lived full time in New England for the past 8 years…yikes has it been that long…I always call NJ home)…the food, the friends, the music (did I mention my love of KTU?) I can’t get enough. And it’s not just the being there that’s fun but the drive is so relaxing. I’m taking my latest scarf I’m knitting and some stitching to try…J scolds me because he says it should be illegal to knit or stitch with a needle in a moving vehicle…bahumbug to him!

So the whole Baptism thing…J and I are going to baptize Baby D in December. We always knew we would, it was just a matter of figuring out when. I don’t know that I believe it will protect her soul from hell or whatever it is it’s supposed to do. Actually, I know it cleanses her of mortal sin. To be honest, though, I don’t know that I believe in hell or mortal sin. I was raised a hardcore Catholic, but a major in philosophy quickly made a skeptic out of me. I’m more in it for the ritual of it. I told someone that about wanting to get married in a church and she, a serious churchgoer, thought I was mad. See the thing is the ritual of the baptism (or wedding) is what I believe in. It translates into a sacred moment to say – here’s my child, bless her, protect her, guide her. It may not be what the priest will be saying but that’s what I’ll be hearing. Some might think I’m just better off going into the forest and dancing in a circle around D and chanting. But I don’t buy into that ritual. It’s the water and robes and pews that make it real for me. Same thing for my wedding. We used a nondenominational church but it made it real for me.

As real as having to put stockings on D. I hate stockings. Surely a sign I am officially a grown ass woman and someone’s mom – I’m enforcing the wear of stockings…yuck. The only reason I still own a pair is because my post-pregnancy flab needed major assistance in looking washboard so I had to buy a pair of Spanx. Besides that, I haven’t worn stockings (thigh highs and fishnets do not count here), in at least a decade (not even for my wedding…gasp!). Even in freezing, New England winter weather, I’d rather bare some leg then strap myself into stockings. We bought D a great little sweater dress for the festivities this weekend. And now I realize if I want her to enjoy the wonderful world of winter dresses, I am going to have to put tights on her. Granted, I’ve got my fair share of Baby Legs but some times tights are the answer. But really, why can’t they make a pair with a nice little flap in the back? First stockings, next thing you know I’ll be making D wear a slip.

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