Free what?

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Time? Impossible! No, really…since about 7:oopm, the hubs and D. have been sleeping on the couch. I almost don’t know what to do with myself when I have the leisure of time to myself with both my hands free (totally not a sexual innuendo). Let’s see…I’ve put away laundry that’s been sitting in a hamper for about a week, started another load of laundry, filled the dishwasher, showered (a wonderful, long hot shower with no rushing!) and even began a new embroidery pattern for practice. And that was all before I sat down at the computer an hour ago.

I hunger for time like this. I enjoy every second with my daughter and my husband but motherhood really makes you itch for responsibility free time. I’m going to stop posting this and go continue enjoying my responsibility free time. Ahhhh…

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