Babies Are Little Humans

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Simple concept right? Right. Well, even though we knew this going in, there was still a ton of stuff that shocked us. Take for instance, the day when my husband said, “She has fingerprints.” I melted. Such a sweet, innocent observation. I wanted to cup his face and smother him with kisses and never let that moment go. I wanted to shout, “By golly, you’re right! She does have fingerprints!” Like he’d discovered them and totally ignoring the fact that she’d been born with them. In that instance it was the most amazing and sweetest thing he’d ever said (how quickly “will you marry me” and “I do” move down the totem pole once a baby arrives).

Everyday something happens and we both go, “Oh, yeah…huh…who’da thunk it?” Like when she wriggles around in the morning and stretches out. She did that from the second she was born. She didn’t watch us do it. She wasn’t mimicking us. She was stretching for the straight up goodness of stretching out her little limbs because she damn well pleased. Or how she rubs her eyes. She didn’t learn that one either. She just does it. When she’s tired or in her sleep. Just rub, rub, rub.

Or how she just up and knows when she’s ready to do something new. Like say, standing up on her own which she did today. I barely noticed the moment because she did it so effortlessly and I thought for sure I was holding her. Then I saw that neither of my hands was touching her. I had to elicit excitement as I barely recognized the milestone. I figured when big things happened fireworks went off and a band started playing. Or like one day she just decided that her hands were the most dazzling things in the world. We didn’t stick her hands in her face. She just swung an arm around and caught a glimpse and has been in love ever since. Or the sounds she makes that make her so happy. She can go on and on and on just chattering away. I know that in some respect she is mimicking what hears but some of that is her own friggin language. It’s got to be it flows so well. Or how she knew that one day she could scoot herself around. She just whirls around her playmat on her tummy. I’ll leave her to play at 12 o’clock and come back and she’s at 6 o’clock. How’d she figure that out? Is there a little voice that goes, “Hey, D, try this. I got the in and now you’ve got magical scooting powers.”

She’s amazing. She just does so much. So much of what you read is doing this or that to your baby. When you can do them so much more good by just laying back and letting them do their thing. Like, we anticipate that they don’t know a thing and we’re here to save them and show them so much (we are and we aren’t…it’s tricky…knowing when to give them space and when to offer some guidance).

I guess we take for granted that she’s just another person. She’s born her own being. Not everything is going to be something we teach her. She got here with tons of stuff to teach us.

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