Baby D & the Quest for the Holy Grail

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I’m a whore. A movie whore, a yoga whore, a blog whore, a picture whore, a book whore, and above all else, a beauty product whore. I’m obsessed with beauty products. I totally buy into all the claims of younger smoother silkier bouncier healthier that they promise. I’ve been on a search my whole life for my holy grail of products. Growing up I believed that each woman would have a holy grail-level arsenal of beauty products- moisturizer, conditioner, eye cream, etc. Here I am nearing 27 and Baby D, in her 6 months, has more HG products than I do!

Here are Baby D’s HG arsenal:

Body Wash: California Baby Calming Shampoo & Body Wash
Lotion: California Baby Calming Lotion
Diaper Ointment: Earth Mama Angel Baby- Angel Baby Bottom Balm

It’s that simple. And she looks dazzling every day! Perfectly silky skin, shiny tresses and a killer bum. Then there’s mommy with her pimples and disheveled hair. So I’m amping up the my efforts to really get myself together and look fab. I went through a phase post-partum where I wore sweats all the time and didn’t much care for how I looked. I figured, I’m a new mom, I can do whatever I please. But now I’m tired of that and I want to give Baby D fun memories of a glamorous and chic mommy (or at least one who tries!).

So here is a round-up of products I’m going to test out in hopes of finding the holy grail.

Juice Beauty
I’m still big on being green so I want to focus on healthy products. This is an all organic beauty line. I just purchased 3 of their products: cleansing milk, blemish treatment and their oil-free moisturizer. I’m not crazy about the sent and they kinda leave my face feeling a bit odd. I can’t pinpoint it, not sticky but not something I’m used to. Today is only day 2 so I’m going to give it a good month before I make up my mind.

It was a toss up between Suki and Juice, so I’m going to try 2 products from this line to mix it up- lemongrass cleanser and white willow facial toner. The first is a scrub which I’ll use about once or twice a week. Again, another all natural line. I went with Juice instead of Suki for two reasons- I found more reviews on Juice and Juice had larger sizes for the same price. If Juice doesn’t work out, then I’ll try the entire Suki line.

Product Body
I just discovered this great line through a ton of positive reviews on a variety of top beauty blogs. The products are all natural and made in small batches. The story is a pretty neat one and I’ve only read positive reviews about their products. On my wishlist: butter scrub, crush on you, whipped shea butter and ski bomb. The products are a bit pricey but for fresh, natural products that take care of your skin, it might be worth it.

Carol’s Daughter
I’ve been stalking this company for years! I always check out their site but never place an order. I finally got to try some of their products at the Sephora in NJ and a co-worker was kind enough to let me sample of the products she has and I’m sold. Again, natural and good for you and the earth. I’m obsessed with their Almond Cookie scent so I’m going to try their Almond Cookie Shea Butter. For my hair, I’m going to try Lisa’s Hair Elixer and the Tui Leave-In Conditioner.

So I’m officially on the hunt. I should also mention that it might seem contradictory to say that I want to be a conscious spender and consume less while still going on my quest for my HG but personal care is a top priority to me. I’m a firm believer that you’ve got to take care of yourself- inside and out. Be kind to your body and your body will be kind to you. So, I’ll spend the money, slowly but surely (I’m not dropping $200 in one sitting…I’m not mad!), and return products that are unsatisfying and keep the good ones. I also love the fact that all are products that are supporting smaller mom & pop operations. So, overall, no guilt here over my future purchases. Let the search begin!

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  1. Ooh, this kindred product whore is excited to have a few new items to add to the list. (psst…try the Eminence Stone Crop moisturizer which you can get at fabulalife.com. It rocks it.)

    And thanks for including me in selfish reads mama. It’s not all that selfish, right?

  2. Thanks for including us in your list. I feel so honored!! Write to me hon, and I’ll give you a coupon…..shhhhh
    jo at productbody dot com

    The Soap Bar
    Product Body blog
    Product Body

    (there’s a mouthful!)

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