Design Lovelies: Handbags

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I cannot even begin to go into detail regarding my deep and serious love of handbags. I think they are as essential as shoes. My only problem is that my budget does not accommodate my tastes. So I will imagine that this round-up here is actually my shopping basket at the ultimate handbag boutique. Oh, and I should mention that by handbag, I mean bags in general – travel, cosmetics, jewelry, change purse – I’m a bag lady!

So simple and clean…love the thick shoulder strap and narrow opening at the top…plus tons of space at the bottom.


I am madly in head over heels love with this print! I can imagine 2 uses for this lovely little number – as a mini-bag inside my larger handbag with essentials or as a clutch for a sleek night out.

Jenna Lou

I have completely stopped using a traditional wallet and have been toting a wristlet instead. It works great because I can fit wallet goods and my cell and a lip balm. Super easy with the babes…


I seriously should just stop here. ALL of their bags are incredible. They are just so rich and sexy, not to mention modern. I also love that they have a good selection of mixed materials bags. The bags vary in price but with the two center ones at $115 and $288, respectively, I might actually own one of these.


Yes, the same bag twice. Yes, $658. Yes, I will never be getting that. So yes, I can list it as many times as I want in as many colors as I want 😉

Sheila D

Now back to reality at $45. I love that this tote is reversible…two for one! Just a fun, chill bag. Also, I’m always a fan of red and navy.

Cinda B

They are reminiscent of Vera Bradley but with a much more modern design. I’m a huge fan of the navy (did I mention I love navy?). I figure a girl can never have too many travel bags!

Vera Bradley

Speak of the devil! I would get a gazillion of these because they are lined in plastic which means easy clean up. I’d get one for myself (make-up, essentials, feminine products, etc.) and then one for Baby D’s stuff (diaper balm, lotion, tylenol, etc.). I always pack up my bags with mini bags to make it super easy to switch it up.

Okay, so I’m realizing that a post about all the handbags I desire will require at the minimum 2 posts. So let’s call it a night here and I’m gonna go read a good book while the babes snoozes…peace.

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  1. I love my cinda b’s and the fact that they are machine washable is great for mom’s with little ones!

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