Design Lovelies: Reuseable Bags

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I just got back from one of my favorite shops, Target, and am super excited to report they now have their own reusable bags for sale. And I must say they are uber-cute!

The best part of these little lovelies, aside from the great print, is that they come in 2 sizes each of which folds down flat. The smaller bag folds down into the shape of a mini-wallet, while the larger one folds into a flat square. At $.99 and $1.49 each, I’m totally stocking up on these! I’m partial to the large one because it just holds more and is probably more practical. Though the little one wins me over for how cute it looks folded up.

My trip to Tar-jey got me thinking how much I love reusable bags and how many there are out there. So today’s post is all about the loveliest reusable bags I’ve seen lately.

They come in a great assortment of colors and have a great clean look to them. I also appreciate that the handles are long enough to throw over your shoulder. They’re sold individually or in sets of 3 or 6.

The Organic line is gorgeous and is constantly on back order. These come in great patterns. My favorite is the Flora series.

Flip and Tumble
This is my newest find and I think it’s genius. Each bag rolls up to the size of a baseball. How adorable is that? I like that no real skill is required to get this down to its tiny little storage size. I’m a bit of a klutz and all thumbs so folding some of the others would probably take some practice on my part. Love the color combos too!

Whole Foods
The bag that started it all. WF introduced me to the reusable bag concept and it’s been a wild love affair ever since. I’m always amazed at how much stuff actually fits in them. My faves.

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