Design Lovelies: Stationery

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I have a mild addiction to paper goods. You won’t find any in my house actually, but you’ll find a ton on my wishlist. There’s something so elegant and classic about stationery. My dream is to collect tons of beautiful personalized stationery and actually use it. It might sound like an easy dream to make come true but if you know me, then you certainly know how awful I am with matters of snail mail and etiquette. I mean I’m the chick that sent wedding thank you cards like 6 months after the fact (heinous I know). So here’s a sampling of some of the paper goods I’ve been stalking lately:

Coco Blue Studio
I discovered this great line thanks to Design Mom. I love how rich it looks. Love the name too- Flamenco Fold. Sigh.

Susy Jack
Anything in Spanish and I’m all over it!

Good On Paper
Speaks to my college days, chillin’ on a good sturdy bench letting time roll by.

Orange Beautiful
These are so playful I can’t even stand it.

Old school love…it makes me want to write a ton of notes just so I can come up with cool mix tape titles!

Enfin, La Voila!
What in goodness’s name do I need a calling card for? Nothing but these are so retro and straight out of a 1920s murder mystery that I’d love to have my name on them.

Bella Bella
Just makes me giggle…hehehe

Story by Mia
These words were part of our wedding so they mean a lot to me. It doesn’t hurt that these cards look absolutely divine!

Turtle Papers
I loooooooove anything by this great designer. I’d honestly link to all her stuff if I could. Everything is super vibrant and elegant. My heart flutters…

Paper+Cup has a great witty collection of goodies. My favorites are the ones in the choices collection which allow you to check off why you’re sending correspondence. Too clever…I tried showing some here but the pictures came out blurry so definitely check out their site.

Secretly, I want to order stationery in Baby D’s name. Now I just have to figure out which one to get for her and which one to get for me. Heart me some paper goods.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning CocoBlu Studio!

    I, too, am guilty of sending wedding thanks waayyyy tooooo late (of course, that was before I started creating stationery for a living)! Now, I always keep a stash of stationery on my desk, with pre-stamped envelopes and my address book. No excuse not to write!

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