It’s Coming, Slowly But Surely

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I woke up this morning with that weird tingly uncomfortableness in my throat that feels connected to my suddenly leaky nose. Combine the early rumblings of a cold with a rocky night of sleep (poor Baby D had a terrible night…woke up randomly and just couldn’t get back to sleep) and you’ve got me now: foggy headed, drippy nose sore throat achey Mama. We went to the Whole Foods tonight to do a mini-food shopping trip and asked the gods at WF for some advice on what to take.

Since we’re official converts of the WF church and the lady seemed to really know what she was talking about (I could have easily imagined her with a pointy black hat hovering over a giant smoking black pot brewing something to heal me). So now, two cups of warm cold-zapping goodness…I still feel like crap.

Luckily, I have tomorrow off (MIL is ill and recouping so I get to stay home with the babes) which means an entire day of lounging and blogging. Oh yeah and baby time…love it!

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