Lazy Sunday Afternoon

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I think Sundays might be my most favorite day of the week. I know some people dislike it because it comes right before the dreaded Monday but what are you gonna do? It’s been snowing since this morning and we’ve spent a glorious day just bumming around…rolling around on the bed with baby, shopping for our upcoming re-decorating event, soaked up our little hour of guilty television watching and just chilled. Nothing could be better right this instant. D is sleeping now so thought I’d share some of my random finds and thoughts from this lazy Sunday afternoon.

1. Celebrity Rehab
I will admit it- I watched two episodes this morning (I hang my head in shame). One hour a week to watch television and this is what I spend it on. Thank goodness I gave up the devil because I can totally see how much my time would be wasted if I hadn’t! Now I just have to fight the urge to check out whatever marathon VH1 is running next Sunday…grrrrr!

2. Back and Forth Project
I found this lovely website while visiting this other lovely blog. It’s a pretty neat idea and makes me think about my BFFs. The best part is the cool Topsy Turvy doll they created. I asked them for directions or a pattern, hopefully they can help me out. I’d love to create on for D and my BFFs little ones. I mean how cute is this:

3. The most beautiful little purse. I want it…have to have it! Hand-embossed in 24k gold, one-of-a-kind vintage (100+ years old per the site) and just stunning. They only have the blue and orange ones left, the green was my heart but the orange is a close runner-up. This shop is even near me so perhaps I’ll pop in this week and do a bday present to myself. Adore it!

(this picture barely does them justice…go over to the Figments site and check them out…then you’ll know why I’m so in love)

4. These are so much fun and would look so stylish hanging up in our house! Now I just have to get them to make one for New Jersey and Cuba (I’ll throw in Portugal for the hubs)(they focus on cities but I focus on states so I may have to find a way to DIY)

5. Found this fun site thanks to The Scoop. It’s one of those places you totally lose yourself in just wandering around…say like on a Sunday afternoon…hehehe. Here’s a quick sampling of some drastic changes.

6. That last picture above is a before and after of how a little show from back in the day has been brought back and revamped. I got a quick glimpse of it while visiting friends the other day. Maybe it was the lighting or the set or the giant muscles on these guys but it reminded me of a little movie from back in the day.

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