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I have an addiction to surfing the web. I love blogs in particular, design blogs more than the rest these days. If you’ve ever visited a design blog then you know how amazing and beautiful the pictures they post are. I don’t know how these ladies do it but they find the most inspiring and rich and jaw-dropping pictures. They make me want to buy a dozen homes just so that I could decorate each one in its own splendid theme. While a dozen homes may not be in my future, one home certainly is. We’re staying put in our condo for a bit longer (at least a year) so we may or may not implement some style changes. But come time to move into a new pad and I am going to go nuts decorating.

In addition to design blogs, I heart myself a good parent product review site. I have a handful that I visit on a regular basis just to keep up to date on any new and awesome products (my wallet’s too empty to purchase everything I see but it’s in the mental memory bank for that lottery winning day). I wish I had found the baby product blogs before I had Baby D but now that I’m a regular on those sites, I’m well equipped to gear up for numero dos when the time comes.

Why all the chatter about my love for these sites? Because I think it’s time I got back to adding some structure around here. I’m not going to overkill it and set out each day but I will have regular writing topics so that I can get a chance to share my lovely finds. In the past couple of days I’ve come across some stuff that I didn’t post here because I wasn’t sure if it fit in with the style of my blog, blah blah blah. Well, I’ve decided that everything fits in here so welcome the lovelies!

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  1. I am so in blog~awe, can you please teach me blog 101?? So fun! I am impressed.
    Now I am really going to bed…

    Mama blogger Rule number 1: Never let blogging keep you up later than 11:30pm

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