Mi Vida Verde

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I’m almost done with Skinny Bitch and am pretty much sold on the vegan lifestyle. I realize that they’re not the be all end all voice of reason, they’re just two chicks who are sharing their philosophy with the world because it worked for them. Do I think every last word in there is accurate? Accurate enough. Do I think it was researched impeccably well? Well enough. What I’m getting at is that I’m not turning Skinny Bitch into my bible. It’s just been eye opening and thought provoking. And even if only 10% of what they are saying is true, that ‘s enough to make me go vegan.

J has been vegetarian now for about 6-7 months and is really happy with his decision. He feels healthier, never feels weighed down, his stomach has stopped acting up and he says he never feels tired or sluggish. I’m pretty much in the same boat except for the consumption of chicken on 2 occassions within the last month (Chipotle will do that to you). I never officially made the commitment, just kinda tagged along with the hubs. Now I’m making a commitment. The next step for us is giving up dairy products- milk, cheese, butter, eggs. Milk- not so hard, hate the stuff (J likes it but just as much as soy milk so no biggie). Butter & Eggs- kinda hard but not really since we rarely eat either but will just have to find ways to substitute them when we do decide to make a dish that requires either. Cheese- this is the biggie. We’re both HUGE cheese fans. I mean huge. I’ll take a whole block of cheese out of the fridge and devour it. We love to melt some on a good sandwich. Or sprinkle it all over our pasta and pizzas. Oh, and did I mention how we love to put it out solo as a snack. We love the stuff. We’ll see how the alternatives there taste.

I feel really proud of our choice to go veg. It is the next natural step for my family. First, we became parents. Which led to our desire to live a more conscious life. Which led to our “greening”. We got rid of the Clorox and Drano, busted out the baking soda, vinegar and Ecover. We threw out the paraben rich lotions and potions and brought in the all-star squad to kick their butts (Suki, Dr. Bronner’s and Pangea). We said peace out to Johnson & Johnson and said hola to California Baby and Earth Mama Angel Baby. We did away with the plastic, big brand name store toys and brought in the Haba with a venegance. We gave up plasic bags for cute WF reusable bags.

There’s something to be said for living the way we have. I feel like we’re living a lot more deliberately. We’re no longer just doing what we’ve always done, following the crowd. We’re not just going through the motions of living. We’re making conscious choices and making each and every action count. I’ve always wanted to be sure that I’m living life to the fullest…drunkenly conscious as I once put it after watching Waking Life for the gazillionth time (oh the college years). That’s what I feel like now. Every action, choice, purchase and bite counts.

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