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I grew up with a strong belief in all things magical and mysterious and illogical. Being Cuban means that there are saints to protect you, special prayers to heal you, amulets to ward of the evil eye, candles to light on specific nights, offerings to be made. As a kid I never questioned the things we did or practiced as a family. The giant shrine to Sanata Barbara in our living room, I figured everyone had one. The festivities that ended with midnight candle lightings and fragrancing our home with incense…I figured everyone was busy at a party of their own. The bucket of perfume, water and flower petals that I was told to pour over myself once in a blue moon to do a limpieza…I figured everyone had to find a use for those change buckets from Atlantic City. Couple this with how much belief my parents instilled in silly things (Ouji boards were strictly forbidden because they really worked) and how much I already believed in Bloody Mary (yes, I stood in front of the mirror with my knees shaking saying her name), and you had a witch wannabe in the making.

I didn’t know it then but all those little practices and customs instilled in me a strong belief in the mystical and magical. I’ve wanted nothing more my whole life than to find out that I have secret powers and that I’m secretly a witch. The movie Teen Witch…sigh, I wish that were me! Charmed, that lovely Spelling creation, is one of my fave shows (not just for the witch aspect but because it’s all about 3 hot brunettes and one of them happens to be Samantha Micelli…the girl crush of my youth). Even the show Out of This World with the half alien/half human girl (Evie was it?), she was close enough to a witch with her time freezing powers to make me a faithful viewer (loved that her dad was a shiny, light reflecting rubiks cube).

I’m writing about this because I think it ties in to my desire to be greener. Going green means a lot of DIY- cleaning concotions, self-made beauty potions (ahem, lotions), herbal remedies and a whole lot of faith. Yes, I want to go green because it is better for the planet and safer for Baby D. But I also want to be greener because it indulges my inner witch.

Here’s to witches, bicthes (couldn’t help myself…I really do amuse myself, chuckling to myself with my soar throat over here…hehehe)!

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