The Fabric of Our Lives

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I’ve talked a lot about how my family and I are going green- food, cleaning products, personal care products, reusable shopping bags, driving less. We’ve tried to hone in on all the major areas of our lives and make the switch. One area we’re still up in the air about is going the organic cotton route. Today I stumbled upon Petite Planet which is one mom’s way of helping to change the world. She did a great post on the wonders of organic cotton. She makes some great points:

  • Cotton is the most heavily pesticide treated crop grown in the United States.
  • One pound of chemical fertilizer and pesticide is needed to produce the three pounds of cotton in a T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

That second one is mind blowing! She goes on to tell her readers why organic cotton is a great alternative. Like the other parts of our lives that we’ve greened, all it took was some eye-opening information to get me started. I’m not a full convert yet but I’m definitely going to start experimenting.

I just received my first pieces of organic clothing- adorable, and that’s an understatement, Kate Quinn onesies. I’ll admit I was pleasantly surprised at a. how great they look and b. how great they feel! I was a total skeptic who thought there was no way in heck you’d find my daughter in a potato sack feeling outfit. I stand corrected!

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