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I’m a breastfeeding mama. I always knew I would be. I did have my moments where I wondered if I’d be like so many who had a tough and terrible time with it. No matter how difficult or how easy, I always knew these boobs were made for milking. I’ve been blessed with big boobies from a very young age so if they weren’t meant to lactate, I don’t know what I would have done! I had only one example of breastfeeding in my life. My girlfriend Jesssica had a stunning little girl when we were in our early 20s. I thought she was goddess woman, earth mama, super hero girl. I was in awe of her. She was growing a life inside her and then when the baby was born I got to witness while she nourished her. It was inspiring to see and feel the incredible bond between the two of them whenever she breastfed her baby. I wanted nothing more than to have that connection. When I told her I was preggers with Baby D, she immediately asked if I would breastfeed and said she hoped that I would because it was the most amazing experience.

I have been fortunate that breastfeeding came easy to me. Most of it has been the amazing talent of Baby D, but I also had some really good nurses around me to give me a hand in those first few drugged up nights when I could barely function. Yesterday I was reminded of what a great gift BFing is and how it unites so many women. I cannot sing the praises of Soule Mama enough and this post was just another shining example of how she inspires. And to think she moved me to tears with just a picture and 113 comments. It is such a natural thing and so beautiful. My heart trembles a little when I imagine the day she will want to wean herself but I hope that day is far, far away. I wish the people who raise their eyebrows at my wish to BF for as long as possible (translation: 2yrs+…if that is what Baby D wants) would just get it. The intimacy and magic and love of nourishing your child from your own body…of having their warm little breath on your chest…their little hands exploring…their eyes lulling off with contentment…your own little world.

I do worry sometimes how I will manage as time moves forward and we move into the territory of having more children. I know it will all come as easily but it seems so complex right now. The joy of one little one at my breast is so much to enjoy that I can’t fathom 2 (I won’t dare imagine 3 since I don’t expect to have my babies that close together but who knows…fate may have other plans for me).

If I had my way, I wouldn’t ever, ever give Baby D a bottle. If life were perfect, I’d be by her side all the time. In a near perfect world, I’d be able to drop everything and go feed her throughout the day (I’m close to that thanks to my amazing hubs…only one bottle a day…can’t complain). I’m a lucky gal.

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