The Tree of Life

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I have always been a very inquisitive person much to my family’s attempt to keep family secrets, well, secret. I always wanted to understand where so and so’s father was. Who this one’s mother was. Who was my aunt again and how? A lot was done on my parents part to keep things as simple as possible. It was their belief that skeletons should always remain in the closet (lucky for me they don’t read English, so if by some accident they came across this blog, they’d have no idea what was going on…they’d be mortified).

The past intrigued me and still does. Who met and fell in love with whom to make me possible? What battles did the lovers before them fight to make it to the US of A? How many seas were crossed to join family members? I don’t have all my questions answered but I want to be able to answer Baby D’s questions (well, Baby D’s and our other-God-willing-future-babies).

So at the top of my to do list for 2008 is the task to complete a family history/family tree. But I’m not talking just a bunch of lines connecting some cool old school names. I’m talking some serious background. I have a vision of an actual space in our home for a family history display and a journal of sorts to be passed on from generation to generation.

As luck would have it, guest blogger Leslie over at Design Mom had a wonderful post today about family trees. Thanks to her awesome links, I don’t have to worry myself that my family’s heritage would be tracked by an Excel sheet (nothing wrong with Excel, except that it’s nowhere near as pretty as some of the links she offers). I’m most likely going to spend the rest of my evening planning out how and where this family tree will go. For some final inspiration, check out the pic below of Leslie’s own famliy heritage wall in her home:

It looks straight out of a catalog…I can only hope mine turns out this gorgeous!

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