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Whenever I go to the bookstore, there are always books I judge and categorize in my mind. I take one look at their cover and decide- ooh, I want that or it’s crap. There are several other categories but they’re all subheaders under those two main categories. Anyways, Skinny Bitch is one of those books in the latter category under the subheader- chick lit with a snazzy cover looking to make a quick buck on unsuspecting consumers. I’ve seen it on the shelf a gazillion and one times and kept on walking, never even gave it a once over.

Today I checked out Because I Said So, a blog by a very cool mom and writer of my favorite daily (no pun intended) on baby products. Several days ago she wrote about this very interesting book and I was surprised to find such a positive review on it. I went onto Amazon and Barnes & Noble and found a ton of other really happy readers giving it the thumbs up. Granted, there definitely were a fair share of haters, but since I’m already an almost convert to the vegetarian movement, I didn’t care much for their comments.

As you know, my hubs is an official vegetarian. He made the leap around Oct/Nov 2007 and hasn’t looked back since. He says he feels great and his stomach has been in tip top shape. I have yet to decide which route to go. I’ve never liked red meat or game (is that red meat too or no? whatever…either way I’ve never eaten it so where was I…) and fish has never been on the top of my list, save for sushi. Chicken has been my lover for years. I could eat it at every meal and any way that you can think to cook it. Since J has gone veg, I’ve slowly gone from just eating chicken to eating only organic (humanely treated, blah blah blah) chicken to having chicken every two weeks if that. I haven’t really noticed the missing food in my life. It’s actually been quite easy. Next up is amping up our vegetable in take which went a bit south after our initial Whole Foods love affair began.

We visited the pedi and he informed us that choosing to raise D vegetarian will not damage her for life or doom her to be ostracized on the playground. He basically said that it’s up to us but as she gets older we’ll have to start discussing ways to introduce vitamin B12 which is an important nutritional factor that’s missing when going veg. We were excited to hear it wasn’t a big deal. We haven’t totally decided how to approach the meat thing with D but I am thinking we will probably not introduce it. First, though, I think we have to tackle creating healthy meals for ourselves. We’ve jumped on the “healthy” frozen meals kick, ala Amy’s, but need to move into fresh food- especially since D could care less for all this pureed stuff we keep giving her. Poor baby just wants some real food!

With today off, I think I may go pick up Skinny Bitch and give it a try. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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