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Baby D is already 8 months old. I can barely believe it! Already I am thinking about growing our family. For some people it might be too soon to have those thoughts. Not for us. We’ve decided this summer is when we’ll start trying to conceive. Really, we’d start now but I have 3 very specific reasons I personally want to wait:

1. My friend’s wedding. I’ll go ahead and be vain. I want to be in it and look fabulous!

2. Another vanity reason, I want to enjoy being my pre-baby weight just a little bit longer.

3. This is the big one- I want a warm weather baby. I can’t imagine the possibility of a winter baby! A winter baby would mean we’d never leave the house, EVER. I need sunshine and walks to recoup from the wonder that is giving birth.

So those are my reasons. While thinking about baby number two, I started thinking about baby number three. Yep that’s right, I want 3. Not sure that the hubs is entirely sold on the idea, he’s barely just accepted the idea of two but it’s something that’s stuck in my head. God willing, I want three children. Then I got to thinking about how we would manage. It would definitely mean living frugally for awhile and definitely living simply.

The part I’m interested in figuring out, if we end up staying here longer than we had originally planned…wait that time has already passed! Anyways, if we stay here and have 3 babies I think we could realistically manage. I know we’ll get crazy looks and people telling us to get a house every 5 minutes but I don’t care. If living in a condo for a little bit longer is what we have to do in order to get our dream home and build our financial security then so be it. Don’t people in NYC have kids in small apartments all the time? It’s almost as if because we’re not in the city, we’re expected to want more space. But truth be told, I’m happy for our close quarters.

But if there will be 5 of us living here, then we will definitely have to get the creative juices flowing on maximizing space!

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