Viva Television!

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I have been ignoring this poor blog and with good reason. I haven’t been compelled to write much lately, especially since I’ve been crazy exhausted. This entire week I’ve been falling asleep when my baby girl falls asleep which is usually around 8pm. I feel grand in the a.m. but as a result my blog goes unattended.

Tonight, however, I am compelled to write. Flashback to the beginning of the week when Bilingual in the Boonies posted about a great new tv show. It sounded totally up my alley but I was reading the post and my eyes were shutting so I went to bed instead. I forgot all about it until tonight when I turned on my TV and there, as fate would have it, was Viva Hollywood.

I can’t even begin to tell you how obsessed I am going to be about this! Carlos Ponce who I actually know through less than 6 degrees (I went to dance school in NJ with a Lesley Machado who did Control with Senor Ponce…two degrees!) and Maria Conchita and a casa full of telenovela wannabes…heaven! Living in my own version of the boonies, I hate to admit, this show feels like an old friend.

I love that the judges have a cocktails to help them decide. I mean, goodness knows us Latinos love ourselves some good drinks. And the way contestants are voted off is genius – cheesy, dramatic and beyond over the top. I’m definitely going to be telling Mami about this. She will watch this as religiously as she watches Sabado Gigante.

Now I just have to work on staying up until 10pm on Sundays!

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