Mama Hearts Lost

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Huma-na, huma-na, huma-na…I just finished watching the Lost season finale and I’m speechless…jaw to the ground. What now? How long does a girl have to wait to see why and what and how. I’m not big on following TV shows, not for lack of interest but for lack of time. Luckily I jumped on the Lost bandwagon from the get and have been a devotee ever since. I’m so wired now…love it…my brain is going like mad…why is Locke dead and not on the island? Is anyone else working with Sun? Do we ever get to see the people left on the island again? What bad things happened once the Oceanic 6 left? What really happened to Claire? What’s up with Jack’s dad- dead or not? And what’s up with Mr. Eyebrows who looks the same as when he was scouting Locke as a kid? What did Sawyer say to Kate? I love it!

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