Barking in Spanish

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I just taught my hubs that dogs don’t say “woof, woof” in Spanish. He now knows that if he’s pretending to be a Latino pup with D, he’ll have to bark in Spanish – “Guau, Guau”.

I love all the random memories and knowledge that is rushing back to me as I try to raise D bilingual…I’d forgotten that animals make different noises in different languages. And, I’m quite proud of myself for remembering. Remembering these sorts of things always takes me by surprise. Sometimes I worry that being so many miles away from my family and friends, the Cuban-ness of my early life, that somehow I will lose the Cuba in me. I know “Guau, Guau” is really no big deal, but it makes me beam with pride…isn’t that silly? The memory of it means I have a storage bin in my brain that will keep giving us fun little gifts like “Guau, guau”. It gives me hope that I am capable of not only teaching D a language but a culture, a memory of an island she’s never known, pride. The same things my parents instilled in me.

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