Beach Babe

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Today was D’s first real day at the beach. Her first real get your toes in the sand, bum in the water day at the beach. It took my breath away and filled me up so much. Every moment is amazing with her but something about being able to witness her joy and confusion and delight and wonder and eagerness over the sand and water…it just makes me swell with emotion. Days like today make me so grateful to live where I do just 20 minutes from the ocean.

She’s asleep now, exhausted from all her time in the sun. It is amazing how tired she gets but I realize it’s because every experience, every bit of exploration, every bit of examination is done with 110% of her energy. She feels with every bit of skin on each of her fingers how each grain of sand falls with the wind. Her heart is racing and her entire body anticipating then trying to make sense of the waves of water crashing into her little ankles. Her head spins and she laughs with all her might as the seagulls circle overhead. Every experience, every second is lived to the fullest; she doesn’t know any other way to live.

We could all learn something from the way my little beach babe lives…how all babes live every day.

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