Charmed, I’m Sure

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My abuelito (gramps) was/is a jeweler, so many of my gifts growing up were wonderful accessories. The diamond in my wedding set is actually from a solitaire ring he gave me when I turned sixteen…making my ring a symbol of the two greatest men in my life…gosh I love that ring…sorry, I digress. So yes, he always gave me lovely jewels of which I still have most and one piece in particular I actually still sport.

My abuelito created a charm bracelet for me that holds a numbered charm for every birthday of mine from my first until my 22nd. There are two or three non-number charms for tokens of luck or protection or blessing. It makes the most pleasant sound when I move my arm, kind of like a jingle jangle. In college people would say that they knew I was coming because they could hear my bracelet before I arrived. I love my bracelet.

I’m officially obsessed. Well, add my own history with them and the fact that there are so many neat options now to honor family that I had to do some digging to discover what’s out there. I did some research on what’s new and fresh in the world of charm bracelets and came across some great pieces. This company is all the buzz right now. Katie Holmes was spotted sporting one of their locket necklaces but I’m all over their charmed life collection. I love the one the woman on the first page of the collection is wearing…that one big giant disc with the smaller ones on that intricate chain. I like that you don’t necessarily have to order a pre-designed piece. You can select which discs or accents to have on your bracelet and even if you want it in silver or gold. My dream purchase from them would be a combo of silver and gold to keep J and D’s pics with me at all times.

Then there are these:

The silouhettes are super chic. Again, you have the option with these to mix and match the metal of your bracelet and charms.

Finally, Charm Co. has a massive selection of charms to choose from. They have them neatly categorized for you into categories like “travel and sites”, “love and life”. They even have charms for babies and a good vintage collection as well. Here are some of my favorites:

D’s 1st birthday is coming up and I get a bit choked up and warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about starting her own charm bracelet. I love tradition.

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