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Today J and I were at Target and I almost fell over myself when I saw this movie for sale. It was totally fate. See, about a year ago an old school, independent video shop went out of business near our condo and I went into a frenzy trying to find Monster Squad. I thought for sure this place would have it, even if it might be in VHS format. They sadly informed me that it was no longer available. My heart sank. This movie is one of those random movie loves of mine right up there with Teen Witch and Troop Beverly Hills.

So yeah, after I found out it wasn’t being made available any more, I was convinced the power of the internet could reunite us. I searched high and low, far and wide…and zilch. Well, two years later no magical web reconnection. Just a trip for some sponges and a shoe rack, and there it was. In all it’s 20th anniversary splendor. I’m so excited that D will get to watch one of my favorite movies. No guarantee she will like it but at least she can judge for herself. I haven’t seen this movie in 15 years, easy. J and I are watching tomorrow night when he’s off from work and I know he’ll love it…get the popcorn ready!

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