Where Did Cherries Come From?

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So I’ve been wondering about something lately. Being the avid shopper that I am for stylish threads for D, I have picked up on some very prominent trends. For instance, cute play dresses are uber cute paired with leggings or worn over jeans. Some other popular trends in the kiddo stores – vintage tees, stripes, tunics. Then you have the classics – rainbows and flowers and pink, pink, pink.

The trend that disturbs me, though, is the obsession with putting cherries on baby girl clothing. Hopefully who ever reads this knows why I’d have a minor opposition to this (I’d hate to be the one to enlighten anyone on this issue). I mean did some perv a dozen years ago say, “Hehehe, no one will know what these really suggest!” And maybe cherries are just cherries but to a gutter minded girl like myself, I’m really totally disgusted every time I see a kids shirt with cherries on it.

Random thoughts while shopping, I know…

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