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No more pains the rest of yesterday or today. We actually made a trip to Ikea and all seemed shiny and great and ok. I feel absolutely fine today and the bleeding is almost gone and I’m actually just now barely spotting. I went for round 2 of my hormone test today but have to wait until tomorrow morning to get any kind of results back. I hope to goodness there’s a baby in my belly.

J’s hopeful, so hopeful that I want to let myself dream of a happy foursome frolicking in the sand next summer. But I’m not really hopeful. I’m not miserable or depressed or sad but I’ve somehow convinced myself I’m just not pregnant. I don’t feel it and it just seems easier that way. I know the information we have thus far says I am but to save myself the pain, I am coping quite well telling myself I’m not preggers. Tomorrow, though, no more denial for us, we’ll be faced with the truth. Here’s to hoping.

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