Green Mom In Toys ‘R Us

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Since Dessa (BTW we’re done w/initials…I use her name on social networks for all to see but not on my zero readership blog…c’mon) was born, I have made an insane effort to stay away from giant, sensory-overdrive toys. I’m a full fledged member of the Haba church and a regular at the Melissa and Doug sermons. Wood, wood, wood. I buy local and try to focus on fun toys with a beautiful aesthetic quality to them.

So imagine my surprise when I walked in to Toys ‘R Us yesterday with plans to buy a friend’s daughter a late birthday present and I literally creamed my pants at all the awesome plastic toys! I know crude but that’s how excited I was. It was like a serious trip down memory lane – pound puppies (yes pound puppies!), the push toy with the popping “corn”, see ‘n say game, the sit and spin. Then there were all the amazing things that were new to me that I must have like the Leap Frog aisle with all it’s glorious bilingual wonders and this Little People line of toys which I think is adorable and comes in all shades (truly multi-culti- hooray…finally!).

I could barely contain my excitement while I was there. I wanted to put everything (you read that correctly – EVERYTHING) into our cart. I felt like such a phony green mom. I’m not supposed to want the plastic! I’m supposed to walk by without a second glance and scoff at the thought of them. I’m not even supposed to go into the store. I broke down. We now own three lovely bilingual toys made of glorious multi-colored plastic. And, to my surprise, Dessa’s head did not explode when she started playing with them!

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