If I Knew Then…

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J’s cousin and his lovely lady friend are with child, a little boy expected in late September. She’s in the process of registering and I’m on the edge of my seat ready to unload all the wisdom I’ve gained in my year of motherhood. When I was preggers, a co-worker of mine was kind enough to volunteer herself to be my registry assistant. She has a little boy and knew at the time how overwhelming the process is. Having a baby now I realize how much it must have taken to have kid-free afternoon to help a preggers make sense of aisles upon aisles of baby gear…so thanks!

Since becoming a mother, I’ve changed my consumer perspective. I didn’t know when I registered that the products I would need would be grealty influenced by my parenting style. I thought you got the generic all baby essentials and all else fell into place. Wrong! Motherhood introduced me to Montessori principles and attachment parenting. Both great and very important concepts to me but they left me a ton of giant plastic playthings I had no use for.

So now that I know better and I know my mami-stylo, I figured it would be a good time to jot down a couple of my baby essentials (for D’s soon-to-be cousin and for myself and that 2nd pregnancy yet to be). I’m listing and posting some pics of the products below but I’ll spare you my excited cheer for each. I wouldn’t be saying anything that hasn’t already been said. If they’re on this list then they were or still are crucial to my existence as a new mom. I’d take 100 of each of the items below if someone wanted to bestow them upon me…yes…really…that essential!

Aden and Anais Blankets

California Baby Calming Collection

Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm

They’re diapers…no pic necessary…you get it…

Seventh Generation Diapers

Dr. Sears The Baby Book

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It’s a short list but really as newborns, all they require is love love love.

Here’s a quick list of things I thought were silly to get while I was pregnant but in retrospect, I wish I’d gotten them. In hindsight I can totally appreciate their value and how they might make life a lot easier in the beginning.

Car Seat Frame

Kimono Onesies & Tops

Moses Basket


No doubt these will be on my shopping list come numero 2.

My biggest piece of advice to new moms is that they don’t need everything right away…babies just want love in those first few days and weeks…stuff doesn’t do much for them…less is more…oh goodness, less is more!

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