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So somehow I stumbled across this, well actually I think I was cruising around Babble like I often do and that’s how I actually came to it…anyways. I loooove names. And for the split second that I was preggers, I dreamed of names (and pregnancy fashion and tummy oil and VBACs amongst other things). I looove names, did I tell you that already? I’ve never been crazy by mine so I always took great pleasure in finding unique and fun names. Naming Dessa was a bit of an accident. J was sitting on the toilet reading a pregnancy magazine and saw the name of a pregnancy attire company (I won’t dare name it here…he’s sworn me to secrecy). Part of the company’s name was Dessa. He said it out loud and we thought it was pretty cool – different but not too different, feminine but strong. It was never our secret gem of a name but just one we threw into the mix. We had several other choices, the ones we’d spent 9 months contemplating but somehow she just didn’t look like any of those other names. And so she is Dessa, no middle name just one long last name and a gorgeous and fitting first.

So in dreaming of new names for this baby that might have been and the one that might be yet to come, I figured now was a good time to put in writing the names we once loved and those for future list consideration.

Names We Considered (or that at least one of us loved)



(these top three were my ode to my Latina heritage…they screamed to me…I’d say them constantly and enjoy how wonderfully lush and exotic they sounded…one day maybe)


Sebastian (this the golden ticket for us…sigh…Baz or Seb…how much cooler do nicknames get?)

Piper (for the record – this was J’s all the way, had I not been pregnant he might have fought me tooth and nail to name our daughter this)

Balthazar (I love it…I figured out it was because he was probably my favorite of the Three Kings…even now being over the preggers hormones I still love it)

Anais (a late entry into the game but it won me over quick)

Anabella (this was it for a few months…Anabella Piper…but she just wasn’t an Ana or a Bella or a Piper)


Names For Future Consideration


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  1. hello, I just found your beautiful blog. Your baby name list is great. Have you heard of McCain's running mate Sarah Palin? My husband (who is a name-enthusist like yourself) just read me the list of Mrs Palin's kids & I think you'd like! 🙂

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