Some New Friends

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A month or so ago when we were pregnant for a split second, I made a switch from the doc who delivered Dessa to a midwife. I am focused on having a VBAC and this midwife has come highly, highly recommended. I’ve only met with her once but am wildly impressed by her care and the kindness of her office staff. With my first pregnancy, I had wanted a midwife but didn’t find a lot of information from credible resources to select one so I went with a regular OBGYN. Now I am so in love with this new practice and midwife that I can’t ever imagine going back to a regular OBGYN. They were so tender and gentle with their care when I came in for my post-miscarriage appointment. So much so that it was the only real time I cried about it all. And I don’t just love them for their great attitude but also for the amount of education they have been willing to provide. When I was told at my old OBGYN’s office that I miscarried no one bothered to set up a post miscarriage appointment. And to be honest I didn’t know enough to want one or know that I should have one.

I went in for my post-MC appointment and was astounded at how much I learned that is really, really important to our continued efforts to getting pregnant. I know that many a doctor could have done the same thing but in my case a kind midwife and her staff took me under their wing and now I’m a total advocate for midwives.

OH, and I also learned that midwives aren’t all long flowing locks, hairy armpit crunchy types. I had envisioned walking into a commune of sorts with women on mats singing and dancing and breastfeeding. What I found was actually a plain old doctor’s office. And a sweet little lady who looked just like you and me. Here’s to new friends!

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  1. Hi there! I was lucky enough to have the same midwife for the birth of two of my children at home in a birthing pool. After a fast somewhat stressful hospital birth with my first I knew that I couldn’t do that again. Vanessa was wonderful. Continuance of care, full support, laughter and chocolate. Henry born 8lb 9oz in 5hours and Eliza 7lb 8oz in 1 hr20mins. No intervention. Midwives rock, so good luck to you. Wow that was a long first comment from me, huh!!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Beth! I feel really lucky to have found someone so great. I always love to hear other people’s positive experiences so thanks again!

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