This Is What I Like to Hear About

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I was just checking my Yahoo email account and came across an awesome story. A woman in Egypt just gave birth to septuplets adding on to her already large family with 3 daughters. The government has announced they will provide free formula and diapers for the first two years of the infant’ lives. How cool is that? I’m sure we couldn’t do anything remotely similar here because we’re a greedy, greedy nation and if families of multiples got any special privileges then everyone would be up in arms. But I’d be all for it. Caring for one baby is nothing compared to caring for two let alone seven…and newborns at that. Maybe one day the US will get its act together and consider better ways to support families.

(I’m on my Mac so I haven’t figured out yet how to link to a story…have to learn HTML asap…I’ve been spoiled with all the easy features on Blogger…will post the link later)

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