A New Season

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Since Dessa was born bed time has been a breeze pretty much. When she was itty bitty just out of my belly the boob did all the work and she was out in a heartbeat. Then there was a phase of feeding and the rocking to sleep but still a speedy shut eye. That phase was followed by a longer phase of sometimes taking 10 minutes to an hour to fall asleep. Not because she wasn’t tired – on the contrary she was exhausted but she just wouldn’t fall asleep. She’d shut her eyes and then snap back awake or just keep rolling over and sitting up with a smile. Some parents might complain but we could care less. I’ve always savored bed time. It just warms my heart to be able to watch someone fall asleep – not to watch someone sleeping – but to glimpse the moments leading to slumber…where eyes flutter shut and breath turns extra sweet…she makes gentle little murmurs and lets slip drunken smiles – I love it.

This past week we’ve entered into a new bed time routine. We bathe, we rub on lotion, sing and whisper sweet nothings in her ear while she nurses then wham before I can even get comfy next to her she’s out cold. I’m not saying I mind it but I miss our time just lying there together giggling and staring at one another. It reminds me how she will slowly but surely start to need me less. Already she doesn’t nurse as much during the day and wants to run loose outside. On the bright side it does mean that I’ve got time a plenty at around 7:15pm every night until I fall asleep…oh the joy!

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