Don’t Call It A Comeback

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So cheesy but I love that title…hehehe

First and foremost, a shout out to Kelly for kindly reading my entire blog and still liking me =)

Next, can we say holy molely to Dessa’s development? She walks now…like walk runs now. I won’t lie that there’s always a tiny, itty bitty voice in the back of my mind wondering if she should be doing x, y or z by now. 99.9% of the time I don’t even hear it but the .1% of the time that I do it drives me batty. Like the time I went home and my BFF’s little girl was running circles around us at like 9 months of age and then put on inline skates and did a triple axle…I scratched my head and wondered if maybe Dessa should be doing the same thing. But the next second the thought is gone and I’m back to being a confident mami.

Well, my walking fears have been put to rest. We had our friends over and she just let go and walked. I felt like I was watching Jesus walking on water I was so excited. Now she runs and explores in a whole new way. It’s incredible to watch. I’m grateful, though, that when J and I are together she still loves to hold each of our hands and walk between us. I cherish those moments because [sigh] one day she’ll be rolling her eyes at holding our hands.

Oh, and have I mentioned that she’s yacking up a storm? No word words but certainly Dessa words. It’s the most amusing and entertaining thing ever…seriously EVER. She has these intricate conversations and her voice goes up and down and asks questions and her eyebrows move like little accents. Babies are amazing. Oh and this, this is the icing on the cake. She sings. Her voice gets a tad bit lighter and her words flow from one to the other in a sweet sing-song-y melody. The kid sings! My heart is a pile of mush.

Speaking of mush, she melts my heart in so many ways. For the last month or so she’s been in this incredibly affectionate mood. Not that she was miss antisocial and uncuddlable but now it’s like…I dunno she wants to show the love and she gets that it’s a two way street. Can she get that? She’ll hug me spontaneously (or on cue when I ask for an abrazo). She cups my face in the early morning and stares into my eyes…um seriously she does this. Even in her unconscious state of sleep she’s more touchy feely…when she drifts off next to me she wraps an arm around my neck and throws a sleepy leg over my hip. Ugh…it’s just too much…I love this kid.

So finally, and totally not relating to the wonderful and amazing child that is Dessa (though ultimately it will always go back to her), I’m knocked up! Call me Fertile Myrtle 😉

It looks like we’ll have a May baby if all goes well. It’s funny because most people I think tell you that your second pregnancy goes by like no thing because you’ve already done it and you’re busy chasing the first kid but I’m more nervous and scared than the last time. I’m a huge believer in signs and I have to wonder what my miscarriage and our cousin’s loss are meant to tell me. I worry and wonder a lot more than the first time. I was naive the first time and I was lucky to have a smooth 9 months. Already this time around is so different.

But enough focusing on the worry and time to get on the name train. We’ve got our boy name pretty much settled though J keeps coming back with random picks. The girl names, as always, will be the tough ones. The name train should sufficiently distract me not to mention that I’ve got the cutest baby EVA to keep me and the baby in my belly company.

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