Getting Back To The Day To Day

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Sigh. The last several days have been an roller coaster. We spent everyday from last Friday until Wednesday with J’s cousin and his wonderful girlfriend. The first couple of days were spent running errands, grabbing food – trying to be useful. But after Saturday, we were just there to lean on. Tragedy is so odd. You anticipate it will be a horrible time of non-stop weeping and depression. It’s not. We managed to laugh. We managed to talk about other things. We managed to talk about out little angel that was lost. It was exhausting though.

So much so that I’m not traveling down to NJ to visit my other dear, dear friend who gave birth yesterday. That’s how life works…one soul leaves us and another arrives. I’m just so emotionally exhausted after everything. Wednesday was the service and it was beautiful – intimate and heartfelt. Oh, ridiculously tearful. That little boy is so, so loved…and so so missed already…my heart is heavy.

His parents are the most courageous parents I know. The way they’ve responded – loving each other more, being there for one another, balancing each other’s way of grieving, being positive. It’s miraculous and beautiful their strength. I wish them love and healing and a healthy future with babies.

I can’t write much more. I’m tired and I’ve got some mindless reading I picked up that I’m much in need of. I need to just vege out. Goodnight =)

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