I’m Getting Old

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Before I get to the actual point of this post, I have to share what a sweet night I had. Dessa and I came home from a fun dinner with cousins and she was exhausted. She chased the cat around the house a bit, nursed and then it was to the shower. Our bath tub is out of commission until we can get our plumbing fixed so we’re all using the guest bathroom which is just a stand up stall (hate it). I admit that I’m too lazy to get in with her so I knelt next to her while she took her first solo shower! Kinda cool…hehehe…anyways back to the point of this tangent (is it a tangent if I haven’t even started the original story? anyways). We get to bed and the poor thing is falling over she’s so tired. She’s using every ounce of energy to keep her eyes open as she flops around while I slip on her PJs. I turn the light off and cuddle up next to her. I turn into her and she into me…legs curled into my hips and she looks up at me…exasperated by the fatigue and places a soft hand on my cheek…she stares at me then slowly lets her eyes shut into slumber….ay que rico. I can’t tell you how much that makes my day…my week really…I wish there was a way to capture moments like that…every day…unexpected…unplanned moments…and just bottle them…put them in a locket…in my wallet…just tote it around for those instances when life seems sucky.

Right, now onto how I’m feeling so old. First was earlier this week when I was watching the latest Real World/Road Rules Challenge “The Island”. I’ve been loyal to these shows since Julie and Eric were making googly eyes at one another in the original NYC cast. I was convinced in my teen years that I would totally be on the RW. My BFF in college, Eric, and I even went to the open auditions they held at a local billiards. Eric was convinced I had no shot since there’d already been an mixed-race chick with issues about identity (forgot her name but the loud one with the short black hair from the New Orleans cast) that and the fact that he said I just didn’t have enough drama in my life. Neither of us made it so he wasn’t wrong. Anyways, I’m watching the show and realize that I barely recognize anyone. A couple of the girls look like they might still be in high school! Then I start to think – do moms with kids watch these pointless competitive reality dramas…shouldn’t I be more consumed with more important…domestic…grown-up things? Like ER or Grey’s Anatomy? I only thought it for a split second and enjoyed the rest of it feeling a bit old.

Here’s the real kicker about me feeling old. Tonight I watched the last several minutes of Behind the Music: NKOTB!!!!!!!! Then I sat through a half our live broadcast of their Boston concert. I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT! I was a huge NKOTB fan form the original New Kids on the Block days before they went to just an acronym. I collected all their trading cards and arragend them all in a nifty little album. I had the two coolest t-shirts ever, I only remember one – the ones with the blocks and the pics of all the guys. I bought all their albums. I danced and rocked out every single time they came on the radio. I loved them! I’d never been and have yet to be as fanatical about anyone or any group since then. I brushed off their reunion when it firs started buzzing around the internet. Then I ignored their first reunion performance thinking that I couldn’t possibly still care. But now, after stumbling upon their Behind the Music…oh how wrong I was…I still care…sigh. I’m a dork. But the thought even crossed my mind to get their new album. I almost lost it when they played Right Stuff and did the classic move where they kick their legs to the side – left, right then a little trick ball change action and back to the other side. Even though I loved it, seeing those guys, even Joey “the baby” look so damn grown was a bit of a shock. If they look that old then damn a lot of time has gone by!

Just some random observations….estoy vieja….sigh…

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