Tid Bits

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Remember how I said I loved quotes? I do and here’s one today that made me think – ah this is something I’ve got to remember to share with Dessa. I think I may have to start a journal for Dessa to share with her my little morsels of wisdom for her journey thru life – find a good hair stylist you can trust, learn to eat alone in public, it’s ok to just date, dance – A LOT, enjoy the ocean, don’t worry about anyone says about you unless they are someone you truly care about, don’t wear granny panties – you know, the useful stuff.

On a completely different note…I’m watching…well listening to When Harry Met Sally while I type. Just a second ago they had the New Year’s Eve scene and right before they were playing some Christmas music. I freaked a little inside. Holidays? Around the corner? Can it be? I love fall because of it’s colors and the sound of leaves crunching under my footsteps and the sniff of that first cold air. But I hate it because it’s when time gets rushed – by retailers and relatives and television. The holidays start coming in full force and the masses start promoting them like two months in advance. Maybe that’s why summers are so great – there’s no rushing to anything…no one’s rushing to the end of summer, right? Of fall how you hurry me…

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