I’m Still Here

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Just busy having a miserable cold last week and puddling around trying not to fall asleep during this first trimester. Most nights I fall asleep with Dessa between 7pm or 8pm so blogging has become a rare indulgence. Today I’ve lots and lots to update on, though, because my bestest BFF ever just spent the weekend and we had a total blast! Her and her hubby and their 15.5 month old were great guests and Dessa is spent from all the fun.

So here are some thoughts from this weekend and from those many gone by days without posts-

*I am still a sucker for a good infomercial. While out sick from work nursing a nasty, nasty cold and with the lovely hubs taking Dessa out so I could rest, I sat mesmerized by the stunning Cindy Crawford and her Guthy Renker spot for her skin care line. Luckily I was too achey to get up and reach for my credit card…so convincing those infomercials!

*I should never be allowed into Toys ‘R Us. I want everything. Specifically, though, I’m stalkerishly obsessed with Baby Alive dolls. They speak both English and Spanish and come in 3 very PC hues- Caucasion, Hispanic and African American – those details right there sealed the deal. I didn’t buy the $60 beauty because I know the holidays are right around the corner and relatives will soon start asking what Dessa needs (or really what toys Mami and Papi want to play with). It was tough to leave without our little Latina…she kicks ass!

*On another TRU note, I am not a very big Disney Princesses fan but when I saw the Disney My Baby Princess dolls I lost it. Some might vomit at the cute factor but I’m a sucker for anything miniaturized into adorable baby sized goodness. I only saw Cinderella and Ariel in the store and then Belle online but I’ll hold out for Jasmine.

*Looking at my doll choices, I’m trying to get Dessa a diverse collection but I guess that means I have to get blonde and blue eyed dolls, too, huh? I have nothing against them but I hated that none of my dolls looked like me as a kid. So I guess Cinderella is ok =) It’s kind of like with the Spanish. I only know how to be overboard about it. All or nothing. I even feel a pang of …I don’t know…something…when she says something in English and not Spanish. It’s not often and I should stop being such a brat and appreciate development for delevopment but Sanish must rule!!!!!!!!! Just kidding…but since I have such a fear that I’m not enough for the language bit or for the diversity bit in general…sometimes I go a teensy, weensy beensy bit too far. It’s like with all else in parenting – the best tools are persistence, faith and patience.

*My hubby makes the best and most amazing take-the-home-sick-out-of-la-Cubana maduros EVER! I had a crazy craving for some the other day and the one place in this entire state that I trust for Spanish food had nothing. A week later I went back and had a sad attempt at frying up what, without a doubt, were bright yellow platanos without a bit of sweetness to them (but I do trust them in every other department….even though this brief history of maduros there seems to make my judgement sound faulty). So to make his preggers lovely happy my dear dear hubby bought a bunch of black as night platanos and fried them up to perfection…my mouth is watering as we speak…I love him.

*So I’ve been a vegetarian for almost a year now. It wasn’t that a big of a deal and I don’t really miss anything. Granted I wasn’t a big meat eater. The only meat dish I might think about once a year (and my one year isn’t fulfilled yet) is a Dos Amigos pan con bistec. To translate, it’s this amazing skirt steak sandwich -thin dripping with juice slices of skirt steak on the best bread on earth crush together with the mushiest of the mushiest french fries. Heaven – no other way to put it. If I’m in NJ I might think about them. If I’m to die tomorrow, I’m shipping one up. So yeah not a big meat eater but a huge chicken lover. And now I could care less about it. I don’t ever long for any amazing chicken dishes. Sadly, though, today for the first time I craved some chicken and can’t stop thinking about it – Wendy’s #7 plain with two sweet and sour sauces. Plain, terribly not healthy and just waaay too processed. Who craves that? So I guess it’s a good thing I’m a vegetarian because if not I’d obviously be eating crap all the time.

Ok I’ve got oodles more to say about this wonderful gift of a weekend but this is the first night all weekend Dessa has gone to bed before 10pm and I’ve got some hours to myself so I’m going to sink into my couch and enjoy some TV. Peace out 😉

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