A Not So Spooky Halloween

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A bit late on the Halloween update but better late than never. Dessa was Snow White and she was Adorable, yes with a capitol A. It was store bought and I’m sure hundreds of little girls the country over wore the same thing (including her BFF in NJ actually) but I can live with it. No time these days, pregnant and exhausted, to learn to sew. I hold dear to dreams that one day we’ll become a handmade costume household. Last year we just stuffed her in the first costume we could find the night before Halloween which was a pretty cute piggy outfit. We didn’t even bother trick or treating because it was freezing and she was so tiny…gosh was she really that tiny only a year ago?

This year we decided to give the trick or treating a try. I went trick or treating maybe a handful of times in my childhood and at ages before I have any real memory. All other halloweens were spent at parties and as I got older cuddled on a couch watching horror movies (more on that later). So it was with great excitement I got ready to take D-tron trick or treating. I had Michael Meyers type visions of streets filled with little witches and goblins or more likely these days Hannah Montanas and Spidermans. Unfortunately, we saw only maybe ten kids total. Still exciting but not the festive vision I’d had. We only tried out 3 houses because it was late and getting chilly and…well, Dessa wasn’t a big fan of the T&T. So maybe next year we’ll get to enjoy it more.

As for me, I got D into bed by 8pm and got ready to enjoy some good old fashioned gore. I was sadly disappointed when all I could find was a House marathon, the tail end of the most recent Halloween and Resident Evil. I’m not complaining. House is one of my favorite shows…hmmm…probably the favorite while I wait for Lost to come back. Halloween is classic but an older one is always better than a new one (really, Josh Hotnett? too campy for me). And Resident Evil I just couldn’t do. I remember the days of really good Halloween television – Freddy, Jason, Michael – throw in some supernatural goodness ala the Exorcist or any good Stephen King adaptation and there’s a pleasant Halloween night. I’m still kind of bummed about it. Next year I’ll have to Netflix a good line up since I can’t count on the networks to provide early homebody moms any good gore.

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