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Happy Turkey Day =)

I’m in the dirty Jerz, have been the whole week and it’s been heaven. Though not sure if it’s the being NJ or the being free a whole week which is so pleasing. As for the exciting news I mentioned…um yeah…so that was the Latina homepage…and um yeah that’s me and Dessa all up on it! I am officially the Mami blogger for Latina magazine – officially The Mami Diaries. Still reeling from it all. I’ll be posting there twice a week so definitely check it out!

On another note, we finally took Dessa on her first trip into NYC. Of course it was on the yuckiest day of this week so we didn’t do as much as we hoped but still she was in awe. I realized quickly she had never seen that many people at one time in her entire life – not at the mall or the zoo or even in the hospital when she was born. I mean, imagine being pushed around the middle of Times Square in a stroller with hundreds of people whizzing by and giant television screens at every corner. Needless to say she was very excited. Like any good parents we didn’t get a single photo of this momentous occassion =(

What’s been loveliest about this trip is enjoying this whole week with both Dessa and J. Rarely do we get this much time together and it is heaven. I got a bit sad, though, cause J missed his family a lot today. Holidays for him have always been about tons of people and lots of family fun. For me, it’s a bit different. Holidays are filled with family fun but ours is more along the lines of 4 people having a big dinner then gathering for a good movie. He was sad for a bit to not be around the hustle and bustle of his family. It’s the way I feel when I’m around his family sometimes for the holidays – I miss my own family’s laid back style. Luckily for him we’ll be spending Christmas in RI and luckily for me my family will be joining us this year.

Well it’s late and a long drive awaits us. More on NYC and musings on a week long stay in Jersey to come.

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