My Barney Armed Baby

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So I’ve been busy. Dessa took a spill off the bed and got a buckle fracture on her little, bitty arm =( And now, oh and now, she has a little bitty purple cast on her precious little arm. She could care less – she is running and playing and living it up like nothing ever happened and it’s not odd at all to have this cast on her arm. She is such a trooper. It’s amazing how resilient kids are. Parents on the other hand, not so much sometimes. I had to take some super deep breaths after leaving the xray place. I wanted to just sob I felt so bad for her. It passed quickly once I got home and saw her smiling from ear to ear. And I felt even better when J came home with a special doll just to cheer her up. The best part? He wrapped the doll’s arm in the left over surgical tape the doc gave us. What a sweetheart…love him.

Luckily, we only have to wrap her cast in plastic for sponge baths for 2.5 weeks not the 6 weeks her pedi had suggested. She’ll get to enjoy Thanksgiving with it on and get her NJ BFFs to scribble all over it which I think is kind of cute. Speaking of holidays, I am soooooo excited for next week. I’m taking the entire week off so it will be heavenly. Not just do I have the whole week off but so does J which makes it all the better.

In other news, kind of other news, for the first time ever I’m mildly excited about Black Friday. Gulp…I even created a semi-plan of places to go to based on the time they open. Why exactly do I want to be up at 4am to get to Kohls? I’m not really sure but I’m totally getting suckered in by the deals. We don’t really have any big ticket items to purchase but we’re keeping our eyes out for a TV and a new digital camera. Neither is a necessity but just a little lux upgrade we’re both craving. You can crave useless stuff during tough economic times, right? We’d be stimulating the economy with our new dig cam purchase and new flat screen, no? Who am I kidding, I’ve never needed an excuse to get anything and I’m not going to start now!

In baby in the belly news, all is well. I’ve finally started to feel faint whispers of movement which I’m very very very excited about. It was the first thing I missed when Dessa was born – having life, movement inside of me. So I’m excited to have the little bugger moving about in there. We’ve scheduled our ultrasound for Christmas week so we’ll have a great holiday present finding out the sex of the baby. Neither of us has a preference, we’re just psyched to find out! Oh, and then the fun starts – baby names.

In the meantime, I’ll be busy cleaning house, baking, smothering Dessa with kisses, enjoying our new NetFlix account (I wish everyone could ship as fast as they do!), more baking and lots of counting down to holiday fun =) oh and counting down to the removal of Dessa’s Barney colored cast…who would have thought I would miss that little squishy arm so much? I’m going to gobble it up when I finally see it again.

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