All Around The Christmas Tree

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Oh, tonight my heart almost burst. It sounds terribly cheesy (when am I not doling out the cheese?) but I was busting at the seams with joy. Tonight we all set up our Christmas tree. Dessa was so excited to help. She brought over ornaments to J two at a time and even tried to hang a few up. She also loooooved to rearrange anything her daddy did. I took pictures and it’s weird to look at something so sweet and present through the lense of a camera. I just realized I was capturing this moment – one that I’d pick up from a box of dusty old pictures one day to share with a grown up Dessa or with my own grandchildren. It’s frightening and exhilirating. I have a family. We are creating a life, a history. I can’t wait to do this every year. Oh and now onto putting presents under the tree…wait that would require that my lazy ass actually go shopping…better get on it!

In less sentimental news, I was all over the rerun of Britney Spears’s MTV documentary. She went through her train wreck phase, who knows if it’s over, but I’ll always love Britney. A dancer at heart – what’s not to love?

Off to bed =)

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