Blogger Or Microblogger – Which One Am I?

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I’ve fallen hard for Twitter.  I’m on it constantly and can’t wait to get my new phone so I can tweet all the time from anywhere.  I don’t consider myself a microblogger, at least I didn’t set out to be.  I’m a mommy blogger(aren’t I?).  So shouldn’t I spend more time visiting other mom blogs & updating my own little piece of the web instead of tweeting?

I follow almost all of my daily blog reads on Twitter so I often forget to check out what they’re posting.  I even find new and interesting people to follow who’s blogs I barely visit.  I’ll visit once to learn more about them and see if they’re someone worth following but then I forget to go back.  I feel like I’m following them throughout their day so I neglect to give them any blog love. 

I can’t figure out which is more valuable to someone I’m following – Twitter love or blog love?  Sheesh, I’m not even sure which is more important to me!  Can I be both a microblogger and a blogger?  I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve posted more tweets than posts and I’m starting to wonder how to find the balance between the two.

With the new year quickly approaching, I need to figure out a way to better manage my time and prioritize my goals.  Interesting because I don’t think Twitter ever started out as a goal of any sort.  It was meant to be just a fun way to connect and build community.   

I’m so confused!  Maybe you can share some wisdom to help me plan for 2009- 

  • Which is more valuable – twitter love or blog love? 
  • Can you be a successful blogger and microblogger? 
  • How do you balance both?
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  1. I think blog love is more important, but maybe that is just me. Blogs are a little bit longer and more in-depth so it feels like someone is taking the time out to learn more about you.

    I’m sure someone can be a successful microblogger and blogger, but not me. I get more involved in one or the other, but not both at the same time.

    If you find out the secret to success with both, let me know. 🙂

  2. I think that the blog itself is more important. I use Twitter as a means to promote my blogs as well as build a professional network. For the most part, when I tweet, I tell about my homeschool, ask business and blog questions, and poll my followers for posts. I also tweet a little about personal stuff, but not as much as I would like. I spend more time on my blog posts. I tweet while I blog and during specific times of the day to keep a balance.

    I hope that helps! I wish you all the best in the blogoshpere. I do hope that you don’t drop Twitter since I follow you!

  3. Twitter is definitely addicting. I was hearing a lot about it and didn’t understand it. So I just tried it to see and you do build some great friendships and have some great networking. Of course all the apps that are available make it even worse for me. I catch up at work on my phone at home I’ve got tweetdeck. Sometimes I just have to turn it off to get anything done!

    There should definitely be a balance. I do use twitterfeed to automatically tweet my posts but also try to connect personally with my friends and followers. It’s a good balance but sometimes you just have to know how to turn it off to write a good blog post! 🙂 Or catch up on your google reader.

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