I Heart Free Stuff

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I am a shopaholic. I’m at serious addiction levels. I really and truly love to roam aimlessly through the mall or online to find great stuff. What I love even more is getting free stuff. And please, please, please don’t think this is limited to clothing and shoes and make-up. I could shop for anything and get insane pleasure out of it.

Right now I’m a bit obsessed with revamping this here ole blog. My techie skills are on the opposite end of the spectrum from my shopping skills so thus far I’ve stuck to whatever Blogger comes with. Now though I’ve stumbled upon the amazing world of free Blogger templates and this could be an up all night kind of addiction. I’m not sure why there are so many talented folks out there creating amazing designs and giving them out for free but I am one grateful blogger!

I’ve spent the last hour just trying to decide what direction to go in but I’m stuck at figuring out how to unzip a file…a zipper sure but a file…interesting…hopefully by tomorrow Mama Hearts Baby will have a new look!

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