I’m A Melting Pot

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No serious post here just realizing how much Dessa melts my heart on a regular basis. Well, actually how both J and Dessa make me feel all warm and fuzzy. I think that holiday spirit is catching up with me.

How They Melt Me:

-Dessa talks to my grandpa on my cell all the time. I call him “Abuelo” and now she does too but it sounds more like “Wello”

-When I put make-up on, she imitates me and brushes her cheeks and does all sorts of funny things to her face with my closed pots of mineral make-up. She has a special make-up touch, too, like extra gentle and very focused.

-When we went to NYC last, I was about to put on Dessa’s hat when J stopped me because he didn’t want to ruin her hair before our “photo shoot”.

-Driving 6 hours in one day for only 2 hours at our destination made me realize how much I love driving with my hubby – just shooting the shit and laughing and singing and being goofy.

-J was super excited to show me Dessa’s new found love of the Rockettes. She twirls and kicks her little legs and claps so excitedly.

-J gets silly excited about getting Dessa Christmas presents. I keep telling him we can get her stuff for El Dia de Los Reyes but he wants it all NOW for her…lol.

-Dessa does this funny, “No, no, no” thing while urgently waving her hand at us. She must think we’re totally clueless because she tells us “no, no, no” A LOT!

I could go on forever but our long day together yesterday made me realize how much I love my life. Just little things here and there, sprinkled throughout my day. Here’s wishing for some snowflakes tomorrow, big giant sledding snowflakes!

Here’s the first ever official shot of Dessa and J on MamaHeartsBaby. Long overdue and silly really since I plaster them both all over Facebook. Enjoy =)

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