I’ve Been Snowed In Since Friday

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I haven’t been outside, not counting my two minute trip to check the mail yesterday, since Friday at around 1:45pm.  It’s been snowing on and off since then but I can’t blame it on the snow.  I could very easily have jumped in my car and gone for a spin, done a little much needed last minute shopping or just gone out to play.  But, you see, I’m a homebody so the second I heard “snow storm” I started plotting things to do to stay in.  Jeremy probably would have gone mildly nuts being inside all this time.  Me, I’m in heaven.  Luckily, so is Dessa!

So what exactly did we do these 48+ hours?  Let’s take a look.

  • Built a fort.  It was a bad one but luckily Dessa doesn’t know better yet; it was her first.
  • Set up plastic cups to use as bowling pins; it entertained me more than her but it was something to do.
  • Baked brownies.
  • Washed lots of dishes (her fave past time); we need to invest in a giant plastic toddler smock so she doesn’t get soaked.
  • Created a masterpiece with watercolor, the brush was optional.
  • Made more masterpieces using crayons.
  • Squished lots of playdough.
  • Had a dance party.
  • Changed lots of diapers on Dessa’s dolls, or as she calls them babies.
  • Took 3 naps.
  • Had 5 massive poopie diapers (to think we were once worried she didn’t poop enough).
  • Looked through dozens of photos of Dessa in my belly and as an infant.
  • Chased our kit cat around the house.
  • Dessa did about 6 head stands with my assistance.
  • Stacked and knocked down giant blocks.
  • Read some books.
  • I dialed the phone a handful of times so Dessa could chat with family; it’s her new thing and it’s adorable.
  • Watched Bernese Mountain dogs doing tricks and barking on YouTube.
  • Dessa served me some scrumptious faux soup from her play kitchen.

Whoa!  I’m pretty darn impressed with myself and this little here list.  I’ll have to keep this handy for all the snow storms I’m wishing for.  Who knows, I wished for this one and it’s still snowing!  I’d love to hear if you’ve got any favorite snowy day activities; you can never have too many activities tucked into your bad weather arsenal!

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