Partying and Socializing on Twitter

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I mentioned earlier I’m a social media enthusiast; I’m also not quite sure why.  I finally joined Twitter and dove right in by attending my first ever Twitter party (#cc1100) and last week attended my first #journchat (I missed the latest GNO but I’m going to the next one this Tuesday).  I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into with either of these but that’s the beauty of Twitter and social media. Everyone’s invited, everyone’s willing to teach you something and, worst case, you can just sit back and observe.

The party was a one time event and I was a bit lost because I wasn’t that familiar with the Classy Closet radio show. The ladies were super helpful and were ready to field questions from newbies. As for #journchat, even though it is still a fairly new gathering (the first one took place 11/08), the conversation was very lively but also very specific to the PR and journalism field; I’d hoped to gain a bit more for blogging. Despite the PR/journo focus, I found the discussion fascinating and couldn’t stop following it. I stayed on for a good two hours so there was certainly plenty of time for blogging to come into the equation. On both occassions, I was welcomed with open arms and was amazed by how active and engaged everyone was.

As social as I’ve been, I have yet to attend a site warming party where a particular product, service or site is given a little fiesta on the Twittersphere.  Experts in the particular field are gathered, a giveaway is arranged and a discussion is developed to engage the party goers.  I’d love to sit in on one of these.  I’m keeping an eye out for Resourceful Mommy, who hosts the shindigs, so hopefully I’ll get to party it up at one soon.

I love this aspect of Twitter.  Since I’m an anti-social girl (in the winter at least) these Twitter gatherings are right up my alley.  Up next: GNO on Tuesday!  I’ll let you know how it goes =)

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