Save Handmade!

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When I first read about this issue I think I brushed it off not really worrying much about it. However, when these ladies made it clear that wonderful, hand crafted children’s items would literally become illegal, I stopped in my tracks. At first I thought it might just mean things like hand made building blocks and push toys and doll houses and stuffies. Then I learned more and realized it encompasses ALL items intended for children – bibs, onesies, burp cloths – it’s insane! Small businesses, tiny mom and pop shops are going to have to close their doors and pay the price for the poor choices of larger companies who made poor choices in their manufacturing process. To say this is unfair barely covers it.

This is so far reaching that one of the best German based toy companies, Selecta, has already announced they will no longer be available in the US after January 1, 2009. Have you seen their work? It’s a shame to think we won’t have access to their wonderful craftsmanship.

I can’t explain the details better than the awesome girls over at Cool Mom Picks so head on over and learn more about what you can do to help. Time’s running out!

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