Sleep Is The Enemy

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So I am still on cloud nine over this whole Latina thing. I plan all day long and all night long about my genius plan to be the Latina social media darling of the mommy blogger set. My only problem is that I work full time and then I come home to put my princess to sleep and the enemy knocks me over the head…I fall asleep by 8pm almost every night. It’s a bummer but Jeremy has strict orders to kick my butt if I fall asleep when I put Dessa down for bed. I mean if I don’t how else will I learn how to Twitter and figure out what an RSS feed is?

I was talking to a my friend, Lisa, and I told her that blogging is kind of like high school. And now that I think about it, it’s more like high school on steroids. Like any adolescent in the high school arena, it has taken me some time to figure out who I am (blogger: it’s taken me awhile to find my niche). Now that I know who I am (and who my audience is) I need to make the social rounds and go visit all the clubs and social groups to find some friends (blogs, communities, etc.). As I visit them, I have to figure out which ones are really worth my time (are these blogs & communities that I want to direct traffic to and gain readers from). I need to figure out if I’m looking for long term friends or just some hot date for the dance. But like any good student, I can’t just socialize and have fun, I have to remember to edumacate myself (read all my trusty blogging, freelance and marketing blogs).

It was tough in high school and it was my only job at the time. Now it’s ridiculously hard because I work full time and have a 17 month old daughter with another little one on the way. It’s like if I tried to go to high school while working a 40 hour work week from 9-5…impossible!

So somehow I’ve got to squeeze in rest, writing, socializing and education. Oh and those other priorities like motherhood, wifely duties, household chores and leisure time. Oh, and don’t take this as a rant. I’m actually quite excited about it all but amazed and unsure how I’ll make it all work!

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  1. HaHA! Welcome to my world, Sister! My whole work and blogging doesn’t start until my kids AND hubby are in bed at 10 pm. I just canNOT figure out how you do it with a baby on the way. I could never have handled it when I was preggo. In fact, I can barely handle it now!
    Congratulations on The Mami Diaries! I had to take you off my list of possible guest bloggers after that (drat, should have gotten to you sooner!), but am happy to be able to add your posts to my favorites.

  2. Thanks for reaching out to me today. Juggling all that we do is both invigorating and exhausting. Quite the paradox but oh so true. So glad to connect with you!

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