Winter Wonderland

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It’s snowing like mad here in the Ocean State.  It sounds silly to me to say it’s snowing in the Ocean State – oceans are for sun and sand and surf and tanned bodies.  None of those apply right now.  There is a common vibe, though, between those things ocean and those things snow: a joyous, giddy school’s out kind of vibe…the kind that summertime and snow days evoke.  But, tell me, why does the major snow storm have to come on a Friday when I’ve got the weekend off anyway?

My favorite snow day past time when I can’t make it outside to frolick?  Movie watching!  I just finished watching An American Crime and it was incredible.  I picked it because Ellen Page is in it and she’s great in everything she does; she doesn’t disappoint here either.  I can’t believe this one slipped past my radar.  It is highly disturbing- eerie and nonchalant.  It’s based on a true story which just adds to the disturbingness.  I love being pleasatly surprised by a movie.

Well since I made it through an entire movie and I’m still awake, I think I’ll brush up on my WordPress knowledge.  Exciting, I know.

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