100 Things About Me

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The “100 Things About Me” post is a popular one amongst bloggers.  I figured now was a good time to let you all in on a little bit about me.  Enjoy!

  1. I would have hoop earrings permanently installed into my earlobes but it would be a problem the two to three times a year I’m in the mood for a good little stud.
  2. I live in the Ocean State but wasn’t entirely sold on staying put until this last summer and the amazing times we had at the beaches.
  3. I am originally from the Garden State and still consider it home.  I’m trying to figure out if it’s ok to let Dessa call it home, too.
  4. I’m a vegetarian but often crave a Wendy’s number 7 plain with sweet and sour sauce (craving it right now, actually).
  5. I have a daughter, Dessa, who is unbelievably gorgeous and I’m not quite sure how that happened (the gorgeous part, I know how she got here).
  6. I’m married to Jeremy, my college sweetheart.  He rocks.
  7. As I am writing this, I realize that I have to number it now or else I’ll never know when to stop…doh! I have my moments.
  8. I love the sound of fall leaves crunching under my feet.
  9. I am oddly obsessed with social media.
  10. I have giant bunions and Jeremy makes fun of my feet constantly, calling them Bernstein Bear feet (I don’t remember their feet but apparently they were bunion-ous).
  11. I speak Spanish fluently; it was my first language.  Be very amazed, I have no accent.
  12. I am Cuban and Filipino – technically speaking, culturally I’m Cuban-American.
  13. In college, I spent many, many a night ironing my hair with an actual iron.  Pin straight is an understatement.
  14. I work a 9-5 in a cubicle for corporate America in the insurance industry.
  15. Lost is the best show ever.
  16. Beverly Hills 90210 was the best show ever.  I’m getting all seasons on DVD so Dessa and I can watch them together (even if she doesn’t like it…she must watch the Brenda years!)
  17. I’ll watch anything JLo is in, listen to anything she puts out, read any article about her and I’ll even buy her clothes.  I love Jenny from the Block.
  18. I missed the Grey’s Anatomy boat.
  19. I’m not a cat person but we own a cat and she’s the best cat ever – aloof enough and cuddly enough.
  20. In grade school, kids called me “Jesse”, as in Uncle Jesse from Full House because I had such poufy hair.
  21. I wanted to be Alyssa Milano growing up; Samantha Micelli is still the coolest.  I even watched her on Charmed.
  22. Speaking of Charmed, I always wished I were a witch.  Not the cackling, wart-y type but the mystical powers kind.
  23. I’ve never bought my own car; I’ve always been lucky enough to have hand me downs.
  24. I used to help my godmother feed her sheep on her farm.
  25. I had a cow named after me once; it probably ended up in a burger somewhere.
  26. I desperately wanted to be on MTV’s The Real World.  I auditioned and never heard back.
  27. I never went on crazy spring break trips.  I don’t know yet if I regret not going.  I always had fun staying behind.
  28. I once put bright red highlights in my jet black hair.
  29. My secret ambition was to be an actress.
  30. I can’t sing to save my life which is why my first ambition of being a singer got knocked out of the running.
  31. I wore braces and later a retainer, luckily it was all before high school.  Thanks to my parents for such good planning.
  32. I have giant boobs and they’ve been there since about 8th grade and they only keep getting bigger.
  33. I had a flat butt until I had my daughter; now it’s got a slight, ever so slight umph to it (or so I like to tell myself).
  34. I heart raunchy, cheesy hip hop music ala R. Kelly and Silk (freak me, baby, oh yeah).
  35. I’m an open door bathroom person and it drives my husband crazy.
  36. I am convinced that if I ever were to give birth to a baby boy that I would somehow make him gay.  I know you don’t “make” anyone anything they’re not already but I’m a girl’s girl and know zilch about boys.
  37. My wedding ring is my favorite piece of jewelry.
  38. My second is a John Hardy ring purchased in Vegas while on my honeymoon.  If I had a dollar for every compliment I’ve ever gotten on that one, I’d be rich.
  39. I LOVE to moisturize. I could spend countless hours spreading on lotion or creme or body butter – you name it and I’ll slather it on.
  40. It took me 18 years to master my hair.  Now after becoming a mom, my hair has decided to switch things up so I’m back to square one.
  41. I hate people without manners.  They get under my skin and I just want to yell at them sometimes.
  42. I wear contacts by day, glasses by night.  I’m pretty blind, so much so that I don’t trust myself to cross the street without my contacts or glasses on.
  43. I could spend hours in Barnes & Noble (except of course when J is following me around asking if I’m done).
  44. I drink 4 Klean Kanteens worth of water at work during the week  (gracias Poland Springs!) but on the weekends barely one of those suckers.
  45. We just got a rabbit and I love it.  It cracks me up that it has an actual happy dance – it literally jumps off the walls!
  46. I’m a breastfeeding mama and I’ll let my kids self-wean.
  47. I have an inner cyst on my back which has a little hole that you can see in plain sight.  It freaks my husband out but I think it’s pretty cool.
  48. At number 48, I’m actually a bit worried I won’t have enough stuff to entertain readers to 100!
  49. I’m not entirely religious but I do believe in a higher being, life force, energy thing at work.  I respect it and don’t mess with it.  You get what you give.
  50. The Cubana in me also believes in ghosts, spirits and the dead.  We’re never alone!
  51. Requirements for a dream home: in ground pool, garage,  master suite with jacuzzi tub and separate shower and massive finished basement for partying.  I’m a simple girl.
  52. I played the piano for 3 years and then never went back.  I don’t remember a thing.
  53. I took formal dance classes from the time I was 6 until I was 18.  It’s in my blood and I looooooooove it.  Dessa will take dance lessons no matter what.
  54. When I buy make-up, I always buy shades that are too light.  I have self-perception issues.  J always has to correct me and tell me “Hellooooooo, you’re brown!”
  55. I have a terrible memory.
  56. I love to declutter.  Give me a garbage bag and I’ll run around the house throwing anything in sight out.  Less is more!
  57. I love movies.  I could stay in a movie theater for days.
  58. I’ve already decided for my kids – they’re all going away to school.  Nothing beats that experience.  They can always come home, though, if it ain’t for them.
  59. I love 80s freestyle music but it’s so hard to find outside of the Tri-State.  Spring Love?  Love Letter?  Maria, the girl was from the projects she had long brown hair and a body beyond compare. She had a boyfriend – a drug dealer…LMAO!
  60. I like to sing along to songs but I never actually know the words.  My friends in college tortured me over this!
  61. When not pregnant, I love wine.  No really L-O-V-E wine.
  62. I’m a great driver, like I said I’m from NJ.  However, I did hit a giant rock in our parking lot once that blew out our tire.
  63. I’m deathly afraid of bugs.
  64. I hate wearing big coats in winter.  I usually freeze a little because I hate them so much.
  65. I hate socks.
  66. I was on the diving team in high school for a whopping 4 months.
  67. I love to shop.  Even if I don’t buy a thing, it calms me and makes me happy.
  68. I would outfit our entire home in Ikea gear.
  69. I want a house badly when I remember that I really REALLY want a dog.
  70. I hate little dogs; they’re just not me.  We’re thinking we’ll get a Bernese Mountain Dog or Newfoundland.
  71. I went snorkeling once in my life in St. Maarten.  I caught glimpse of a black spikey thing and freaked out and headed for shore.  Haven’t done it since.
  72. I won’t go on a cruise.  Something about mother nature and open water for so many days irks me.
  73. I can’t drive stick.  My hubby tried to teach me and I just didn’t get it.
  74. I’m a social jitterbug but my favorite place to be is home.
  75. I love hot yoga; I’m convinced it could cure anything!
  76. I’m not a collector but wish I was.
  77. I was a philosophy major in college. It’s one of the best choices I ever made, changed my life.
  78. Talents I wish I was even a little bit good at: graphic design, photography, cooking and housekeeping.
  79. I read parenting books like I’m going to get a degree.  I can’t imagine just winging it.
  80. I’m a romantic; I melt over flowers, notes and fluff.
  81. I love everyone but only like a special few.
  82. I voted for Obama.
  83. I have no rhythm but I can fake it really well.
  84. In my teens and early twenties, I had killer calves.  I say it without shame because I worked hard to get them.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have to do much to lose them!
  85. After I’m done having babies, I have dreams of getting into killer shape.  Since I know my body can make babies, I figure there’s not much it can’t do, right?  I’m gonna push it to the limit 😉
  86. I believe that infants are the purest joy in the world and need to be treated with great care and respect.
  87. I’m not allergic to anything, though I do get seasonal allergies now in my old age.
  88. I went to an all girls Catholic high school.  I’m not a lesbian.  I loved the uniforms.
  89. These are some of my favorite TV shows I wish I could watch over and over again: Picket Fences, Sisters, Profiler, Just the Ten of Us, Tiny Toons, Who’s The Boss, Saved By The Bell.
  90. I can’t do a handstand.
  91. I want my children to be independent and confident.
  92. I’ve actually used a paper parasol in broad day light in Boston to protect myself from the sun.
  93. I’m a morning person.  I wake up disgustingly chipper and don’t drink coffee.
  94. I’m a magazine whore.
  95. My wedding day was everything I pictured it to be! From the dress to the flowers to the location to the groom – I loved it all.
  96. I can turn myself into a pretzel (maybe not right now while pregnant but most other times).
  97. I have a tendency to roll my eyes, not so discreetly, when I’m annoyed or getting impatient.
  98. I want to expose our daughter to more Cuban culture so I’ve told my husband we need to plan a trip to Miami.
  99. I’m terrible at keeping in touch but always hold friends close to my heart.
  100. I have no tatoos but one day I hope to get one.  My belly button is pierced, though.
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  1. Hey fellow twitter buddy.. I was just browsing thru your 100 things about me and I love this one: “I love 80s freestyle music but it’s so hard to find outside of the Tri-State. Spring Love? Love Letter? Maria, the girl was from the projects she had long brown hair and a body beyond compare. She had a boyfriend – a drug dealer…LMAO!”

    OMG, me too!!! I LOVE, LOV,E LOVE freestyle music.. I can’t live without it!!

    Have a nice weekend 😉

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