I Want A Baby To Come Out Of My Vagina: HypnoBabies Self Study Intro And Class #1 Review Part 1

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In an effort to have a successful VBAC, my husband and I are taking the HypnoBabies self-study course.  In my search for the right class for us I did lots of online research and chatted up moms in real life, not to mention my midwife and her supporting obgyn.  All the real life advice pointed me towards HypnoBabies with only vague answers of “It was great.”  “We loved it!”  ‘I felt amazing!”  “It’s the most effective.”  My online research produced lots of great forum discussions and comparisons between this program and Hypnobirthing.  I, however, am a details kind of person and details I did not find.  So as part of my IWABTCOOMV series, I am going to chronicle our journey through this course.  Hope it helps someone out there make a good birthing choice.

We coughed up a pretty penny for this self-study course – $160 total after shipping ( I expedited it because I couldn’t wait…the base price is $139).  However, it’s nothing compared to the price of the course which is upwards of $300.  I realize now, after having a VBAC, price shouldn’t be a factor in how you prepare for the arrival of your baby.  If you’re willing to get a stroller worth hundreds then reassess why you won’t spend just as much on the right birthing preparation for yourself and your partner?  We opted for the self-study course after hearing several reviews about the local instructor which weren’t so great (not bad but folks didn’t seem impressed and me? well I want you to rock my world =) ).  [For folks on a budget, you can also inquire with the HypnoBabies site about purchasing a second hand copy of the self-study course or do a craigslist/ebay search, however, there’s no guarantee with the latter two]

The kit is pretty straight forward -some HypnoBabies paraphenilia, some pamphlets on your birth rights, the midwife standard of care, etc., a letter from the company, a form to complete, a disclaimer, some other loose pages of info or resources, a folder with the six CDs, the main course book and the workbook which also contains a section specifically for your birth partner.  Those last three items are the ones you’ll work with throughout the course.  The course is broken up into 5 classes which they advise you take at the pace of one per week assuming you are at or past your 26th week.  If you are before your 26th week, then they suggest you can take it two weeks at a time.

We’re officially starting next week on Monday which is why I’m glad I started reading the intro to the course book before Monday.  You need to read the entire Introduction and Class #1 reading materials before you begin using any of the CDs.  For some reason I thought it would be more interactive – like I’d read one or two pages, then be prompted to listen for a bit, then back to the book.  Nope.  Book first, then CDs.  Just a note: it took me a lot longer to read the intro than it did to get through the readings in Class #1.  The material is easy to read and simple to comprehend.

Each section starts off with a quick overview of what you will be learning and a schedule for how to listen to the affirmations/CDs.  A warning – the book is covered in warnings about not listening to your affirmations in a moving vehicle.  Makes sense but wanted to mention it is literally everwhere!

Back to the course itself, Class #1 discusses how hypnosis works and your personal role in your hypnosis, the use of positive language, the power of positive thinking to impact not just your birthing time but your entire life and the importance of having a relaxed body during birthing.  There is also a brief script for your birth partner to read to you; a nice touch to get my husband involved beyond just reading along and listening with me.  Finally, the class ends with a great book list of positive birth books.

I enjoyed the material because it spoke to my own beliefs.  Your outlook on life makes all the difference in how you experience it.   Like I always say, the energy you put out to the world always comes back to you tenfold.  It  emphasizes the power of your mind to dictate how you feel and you behave.  So far I like the program.  Jeremy will read the intro and Class #1 by Monday so we can start the affirmations.  I’ll let you know my thoughts on the affirmations as we listen to them.

Note: If you are considering using the HypnoBabies program, a simple Google search of HypnoBabies Self Study will give you tons of results with great forum discussions from real moms who are thinking about, are taking or have taken the course.  It’s a great way to connect with other HypnoBabyt moms.  Here’s a quick list of ones that I found helpful in some way.  Good luck to you!

  • Mothering Magazine Community Forum: Hypnobirthing vs. Hypnobabies
  • Hypnobabies Blog (includes info on free intro CDs)
  • Cynthia’s Hypnobabies Births Blog (great links)

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  1. Carla! I took a Hypnobirthing Class at Bellani, and it really is phenominal. Our bodies are capable of amazing things! You’ll have to let me know how Hypnobabies is, I was thinking of it for our next baby.
    Amanda 🙂

  2. Best of luck inyour VBAC attempt…I had a VBAC in Sept of 2006 after a c-section in 2003. You can do it! But also remember healthy mom…healthy baby!!

  3. I read the Hypnobabies book while I was pregnant, but I think what helped me most in labor was the childbirth class I took at a local birthing center. The midwives gave me some really good tips on how to stay calm during labor and using affirmations during the tough contractions helped a lot. I was able to have an unmedicated delivery and it was an amazing experience I hope to repeat some day soon.

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